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Meet Abiogás

The Brazilian Biogas Association (ABiogás) was born in 2013 by the union of people and companies that together seek to increase the participation of biogas in the Brazilian energy matrix.


Acting as a channel of dialogue with civil society, the Federal and State Governments, the autarchies and the bodies responsible for the Brazilian energy planning, ABiogás aims to transform the electric, fuel and thermal energy generated by biogas into widely available energy commodities. used, with a 10% share in the Brazilian matrix. Currently, Brazil has the greatest energy potential in the world: 84.6 billion Nm³ / year between sanitation (7%), sugar-energy waste (48%) and agro-industrial waste (45%). This potential has the capacity to supply almost 40% of the national demand for electricity or replace 70% of the Brazilian diesel consumption.


ABiogás has associated companies that represent all sectors of the production, use and improvement chain in the biogas segment. With responsibility in acting with the competent bodies and a commitment to the disclosure of relevant information, ABiogás, its associates and partners always aim to achieve the best and most transformative results for Brazilian society.



Promote the sustainable energy recovery of waste, developing the biogas market.


To be a reference association in Biogas for Brazil, protagonist in the development of the sector's value chain.


• Transparency • Responsiveness • Participation • Diversity • Independence

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